Ronda Harrell is an award winning quilt maker, an independent quilt scholar and genealogist specializing in Baltimore Album quilts and Maryland history.  She has lectured at Colonial Williamsburg, as well as the American Quilt Study Group.  Her paper, “Jewish Baltimore Album Quilts” was published in 2006 by the American Quilt Study Group.  Ronda has worked with numerous authors and quilt scholars on the origins and understanding of early American quilts and their makers.

Deborah Cooney

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Ronda Harrell

Deborah Cooney is a writer, editor, and quilt historian.  She has worked with the DAR Museum quilt collection as a volunteer since 2006.  Deborah has lectured at the Colonial Williamsburg Symposium and was an editor of “A Maryland Album” in 1995.  She served on the board of the American Quilt Study Group and has given quilt-study presentations at its annual seminar.  She has an extensive collection of early Maryland and Virginia quilts.  Deborah did her graduate work in American History at the University of Wisconsin.